Central Heating - Power Flush

Simon and the Power Flush system

Are you having problems with your central heating? A power flush could solve all your problems...


  • 'Kettling' noises coming from the boiler
  • Cold radiators
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Central heating system slow to warm up
  • Discoloured or dirty radiator water
  • Leaking radiators
  • Central heating pump failures
  • Blocked radiators

Power Flushing Can...

  • Reduce or remove boiler noises
  • Increase heat output to radiators
  • Increase central heating system efficiency
  • Restore original water flow
  • Clean out the entire system
  • Protect your system from future corrosion
Simon and the Power Flush system

How Does It Work?

  1. The powerflush pump is attached to your system.
  2. Water is pumped through your central heating system
    at a faster rate than normal. This is a perfectly safe,
    non-pressurised procedure.
  3. Cleaning chemicals are added and the water flow
    is continually reversed to further loosen debris.
  4. Corrosion deposits that have built up are
    loosened, allowing a clear flow of water to
    pass through the system.
  5. Each radiator is flushed individually for
    concentrated cleaning power.
  6. Dirty water and debris are flushed out with fresh
    clean water.
  7. Following the power flush, your system is restored to full operation within minutes.

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